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You have not truly pampered yourself, until you have experienced floating. It is the ultimate form of meditation, relaxation, de-stressing and introspective reflection. If you are familiar with floating you know all the benefits it can provide. If you are not familiar with floating, take a few minutes to view our "float" video.

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Float spa in Granger. Great for men and women's health. Make the most of your float, with an optional consultation/ coaching with a licensed Behavior Consultant/therapist

Or if you just need general coaching/ support, you can benefit from our face to face or online services.

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We provide the wax, wicks, jars, fragrances , mixing pot, recipes, instructions and stirrers to make your own candles.

We provide the variety of Essential oils, jars, misc caps, recipes  and measuring utensils to create your own therapeutic Essential Oil blends.

We provide the base creams, oils, recipes  and jars for your own lotion/cream blends

We provide the misc reeds, reed diffuser jars, fragrances and oils to blend your own Reed diffusers.

We provide the Himalayan, Epsom  or Dead Sea bath salts, mixing bowls, oils and packaging for your own bath salt blends.


Call in, or email your desired custom blend/product and we will prepare for you within 24 hours (shipping available upon inquiry)

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